> Our mission

Our logo symbolizes our mission:

To let people enjoy food in all its flavors and juiciness by harnessing the flaming power of the Sun, while nurturing the Environment. 

PEOPLE   -   SUN   -   EARTH


SunOK was founded at the end of 2008 in order to provide decentralized energy solutions. The company re-launched the Sun Cook solar oven, the best product in its class, that was first presented in 2003, well ahead of its time.

We believe that the current trend in the way humankind overcomes its energy needs will take us from the heavily centralized systems of today, with the losses that result from transporting energy, towards a model where energy is generated closer to its point of use.

On the other hand we believe that energy efficient appliances can be more widely used if design and convenience meet the demanding requirements of today's consumer’s. To achieve our aim we rely on our engineering and management team. And, off course, on the first customers. Those who first realized our cooker's true value and whose recommendations are the best asset in SunOK's portfolio.

With the Suntaste we finally have a product that is not only reasonable but also desirable. Let the Sun cook!


      Free, ubiquitous and inexhaustible 

Solar energy plays an ever increasing role in addressing peoples needs. The amount that hits the Earth's surface in one hour equals the energy humans consume in a year so most of humankind lives in regions where solar radiation contains enough energy for all needs. We want to enable people to capture and use this energy.

In this regard solar thermal energy plays an important role. This encompasses all applications that make use of the infrared radiation, transforming it into heat that is directly applied in our needs or transformed by way of turbines into electricity for storage and distribution. Thermal applications are the ones that achieve a higher degree of efficiency extracting from the inflow of radiation an amount higher by 2 to 3 times than the other available solar technology: photovoltaic cells.

> Research and development

      Solutions beyond expectations 

At SunOK we are always striving to bring energy to you in ways that are both efficient, practical and enjoyable. We look out for new solutions, features and materials that might be better able to exceed the expectations of an increasingly demanding world. And we test them extensively. Our main reward are the smiles of our clients.

For this we count on a network of outstanding partners, such as: 

  • - IPES, the Portuguese Institute of Solar Energy lead by Prof. Collares Pereira, a leading specialist in renewable energy and advanced optics, and the mind behind our ovens' superior efficiency. 
  • - Engineers and product designers that excel in out-of-the-box thinking while mastering the use of the most advanced 3D modeling design tools.
  • - Manufacturers that are technical leaders in their fields of expertise either for the supply of standard components or for proprietary design parts.