Why use the Suntaste?
Because it's good. Plain good.


The Suntaste cooks slowly at gentle and homogeneous temperatures. Although it might reach 200C/400F (Large version) it never burns the food allowing for completely unattended cooking. In addition it cooks every sort of recipe, except frying, and it doesn't even need frequent refocusing as every other solar cooker does.

This natural form of slow-cooking lets complex carbohydrates break down, therefore enhancing flavors and resulting in tenderer and juicier food.  
The results were appreciated everywhere with our first model, the Sun Cook: from the creamiest manioc purees in refugee camps to exquisite gourmet dishes such as the one pictured right, being prepared at the beach restaurant of chef Chakall . Just ear on this video what one of his customers had to say about her "solar vegetables":

"It was absolutely gorgeous! There was so much texture in the vegetables. Amazing! Any child would eat vegetables like this."


Example: roasting beef - Suntaste vs. traditional oven



a stove
an oven
a dehydrator
a thermal cooker.
It can even make yoghurt.

 Baking, roasting, sautéing, braising, pot roasting, even grilling

All. Except frying.


When compared to traditional cooking:
> Easy cleanup: no fuel, no ashes, no burned food, no scorching.
> Might be used as a Hay cooker, saving energy even in cloudy days or at night.
> Works as a dehydrator simply by keeping the glass lid slightly open.

When compared with other solar cookers:
> No need for regular reorientation towards the sun due to advanced optics.
> Keeps food warm for hours due to the effective insulation and double glazing.
> High efficiency due to the complex and innovative shape of the internal mirrors.


No burning of fossil fuels means:
> No CO2 emissions;
> No damage to the atmosphere;
> No consumption of expensive and scarce natural resources.


When compared to firewood cooking:
> No deforestation
> No exposure of users to indoor smoke;
> Less lung and eye diseases.


> Free and ubiquitous energy.

> Good value for money: mass production for quality and low cost.

> Designed and built for a long life on the open air.

> Reduced maintenance: all that is needed is regular cleaning.

> Keeps the kitchen cooler in summer reducing energy bills.

  When compared to traditional cooking:

> No flame and no risk of fire;

> No fuel and no risk of explosion;

> Improved child safety (no risk of skin burns on the external surfaces).

  When compared with other solar cookers:

> No danger of setting fire to the surroundings (flat external mirrors);

> Glass lid with lock button avoids unwanted exposure of food to animals.