Portable solar kettle.
Hotness on the go.

> SunRocket

      Sterilizing or just having a cup of tea?

The SunRocket enables you to kill waterborne pathogens in water, sterilize milk or simply having a coup of tea while outdoors. It's scratch and weather resistant, compact and lightweight, and it's made from quality materials under ethical manufacturing processes.


It uses an evacuated tube, boosted by reflective curved panels to absorb solar heat. When opened it can heat water in as little as 30min (wheather dependent). When closed it can keep it hot for hours and it's as compact as a water bottle.


High quality: evacuated vacuum glass tube made from Vycor glass (95% silica, high-temperature and thermal shock resistant), copper/aluminum absorption, reflective aluminum panels, high quality scratch and weather resistant plastics and pressure release valve.


- Weight:                            1.0 kg

- Capacity:                         500ml

- Materials:                        ABS, glass and aluminum

- Dimensions closed:   45x11x11 cm

- Warrantee:                     1 year