Portable solar cookers.
Cooking on the way.


    Ultra -portable and autonomous

The Trotter Cooker is a bag that unfolds in a minute taking the shape of a solar cooker ready for your creations. Light and portable, this foldaway cooker is ideal for rambling, camping or beach use. You can reheat your recipes and cook simple dishes like eggs, vegetables, sausages, meat or fish wherever the Sun shines.


The Trotter Cooker solar oven works with solar energy.  The Sun's rays are focused inside the oven making the temperature rise and heating your food. The gradual heating allows for unsupervised slow cooking. 


- Temperature:                120°C max.

- Ultra-portable:              foldable into a shoulder bag

- Capacity:                         food for 3 persons

- Pre-heating:                   recommended 15-20min.


- Weight:                            0.9 kg

- Materials:                        fabric, aluminum, polyethylene

- Dimensions folded:    50x30x3 cm

- Dimensions in use:      90 x50x50 cm

- Cleaning:                         very easy, with a damp cloth

- Warrantee:                     1 year


      Getting started with solar cooking

The EasyCook is the ideal kit to get you started with solar cooking. It includes the reflector, a cooking bag, a thermometer and a plate-holder. Assembly takes only a minute, allowing for instantaneous slow cooking. Lightness and a foldaway design means you can take it anywhere.


The EasyCook panel cooker runs on solar energy. When the sky is clear the Sun's rays are focused by the reflector into the container, which is placed inside a specific plastic bag working as a greenhouse. Gentle temperatures allow for unsupervised  cooking and keep more nutrients in your food. 


- Temperature:                120°C max.

- Ultra-portable:             300g weight

- Capacity:                         food for 3 persons

- Pre-heating:                    recommended 15-20min.


- Weight:                            0.3 kg

- Materials:                        recycled cardboard, adhesive mirror film

- Pack dimensions:        34x32x8 cm

- Dimensions in use:      91 x55x35 cm

- Cleaning:                         very easy, with a damp cloth

- Warrantee:                     1 year