The great leap forward in solar cookers.
The Sun Cook.



The high quality of its materials and components made the Sun Cook the first solar oven attaining quality levels that appealled to the most demanding customers.


The Sun Cook was the first solar oven to use Compound Parabolic Concentrators inside, for the most effective use of the incoming solar radiation.


First-class materials and components allowed for unrivaled performance due to high insulation levels.


Clever devices, such as the side mirror and the sundial, contributed to the easy and pleasing experiences felt by users all ver the world.



The Sun Cook oven uses for the first time ever in a cooker the so called "non imaging optics“. It works as a greenhouse, capturing the sun's rays through the glass lid. Solar radiation is also reflected by the external flat mirrors into the cooking compartment doubling the input of energy. The external side mirror avoids the need to regularly refocus the oven by redirecting the Sun's rays that would otherwise be reflected sideways.


Inside the cooking compartment mirrored walls act as compound parabolic concentrators (CPC), greatly reducing the need for regular re-orientation. These concentrate all incoming solar radiation to the bottom absorbing plate, which in turn radiates heat allowing for a very homogeneous temperature to be attained. The cooking compartment's insulation and the double glass lid prevent thermal losses and may keep food warm for hours even after sunset. Ideal for late dinners then.


All sorts of dishes, except frying. Here are some examples:

> Pork chops (20-30 min); 
> Grilled fish (30-45 min); 
> Curry chicken (90-120 min); 
> Vegetables soup (120 min); 
> Beans stew (2 hours); 
> Walnut cake (60-75 min); 
> Manioc puree; 
> Bread, soup, pasta, yogurts, jams and many, many more.



 59x56cm  23.2x22.0in
 Height (closed):
 29cm  11.4in
 Total height (in operation):
 80cm  31.5in
 Cooking plate area:
 35x41cm  13.8x16.1in
 Internal height:
 17cm  6.7in
 WEIGHT (no packaging)    
 Premium version:
 12.9kg  28.5lb
 Tropical version:
  11.8kg  25.9lb


> Focusing so simple that a child can do it.
> Telescopic rods enable adjustment of lid angle.
> Sundial for programming beginning or end of cooking.
> Compact design allows for easy storage when not in use.
> Handles make transportation by 1 or 2 persons an easy task.
> Premium version incudes vessels designed for optimum performance.
> Effective insulation keeps food warm, inside, and outside surfaces cold.
> Side mirror might be installed right or left for use on the northern and southern hemispheres, respectivelly.


Premium - for use in temperate climates and during the Winter. No need for refocusing.
Tropical - for regions with a high solar exposure, when "simpler" and "less costly" means "better".
 Premium   Tropical 
 Vessels included 
> Pot and roasting pan
 Lower price
> Fewer components, lower cost
 Sundial included
> Programming of cooking times
> Fewer moving parts
 Side mirror included
> No need for regular refocusing
> Might cook up to 10% faster on temperate climates and under identical conditions
> Not necessary in subtropical regions
> At intervals of 30min when cooking under temperate climates


> Instruction manual (in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese)
> Recipes booklet (available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese)
> Pot 20cm diam. (Premium version only. Available on Tropical as an option)
> Roasting pan 40x25cm (Premium version only. Optional on Tropical)
> Sidemirror (Premium version only)
> Sundial (Premium version only)

> Accessories included in the Premium version