The solar cooker has been re-invented.
Suntaste: fantastic oven, unique case.

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It's autonomous and you don't need to attend to it because it never burns the food. No fuel, no ashes, no smoke, no stirring and no scorching are all part of the appeal.


Slow cooking, taking up to twice as long as traditional cooking methods, results in tastier, juicier and more nutritive food.


A simple design and first-class materials from the world’s leading manufacturers all contribute for a long and trouble-free life.


Both advanced optics and effective insulation allow for cooking with negative temperatures and no need for refocus. All you need is clear sky.



The Suntaste recurs to the so called "non-imaging optics“, first used in an oven in our later model, the Sun Cook. It works as a greenhouse, capturing the sun's rays through the glass lid. In addition, solar radiation is also reflected by the external flat mirror into the cooking compartment, doubling the input of energy. The rectangular footprint reduces the need for reorientation, when compared with more squared shapes.


Inside the cooking compartment, mirrored walls act as compound-parabolic concentrators (CPC), greatly reducing the need for regular re-orientation. These concentrate all incoming solar radiation to the bottom absorbing plate, which in turn radiates heat allowing for a very homogeneous temperature to be attained. The cooking compartment's insulation and the double glass cover minimize thermal losses and may keep food warm for some hours even after sunset. Ideal for late dinners then. 


Nearly everything. The Suntaste can be used outdoors for:

·         Cooking all sorts of dishes (except frying), while keeping the food tasty and moist;

·         Dehydrating food, by keeping the door slightly open and the lid facing the Sun to generate heat but allowing air circulation.

Here are some examples:

> Vegetable soup (120 min); 
> Pork chops (20-30 min); 
> Grilled fish (30-45 min); 
> Curry chicken (90-120 min); 
> Bean stew (2 hours); 
> Walnut cake (60-75 min); 
> Manioc puree; 
> Bread, soup, pasta, yogurts, jams and many, many more.
While indoors, it’s also very useful for:

·         Working as a retained heat oven, completing the cooking process initiated in another oven, operating like a hay cooker and saving energy in the process;

·         Making yoghurt by taking advantage of its excellent insulation and keeping both lid and door closed. 




Cooks for 3 to 4 people

Weighs only 9kg



Cooks for 5 to 6 people

Fits 2 containers simultaneously















 Height (closed):





 Total height (in operation):










 Cooking plate area:





 Internal height (midpoint):





 Internal height (minimum):










 Suntaste only:





 Complete with packaging:






> Focusing so simple that a child can do it.

> Includes containers designed for optimal performance.

> Compact design allows for easy storage when not in use.

> Handles make transportation by 1 or 2 persons an easy task.

> Removable bottom plate allows for thorough cleaning in case of spilling.

> A friction hinge allows for the easy adjustment of the reflective lid’s angle.

> Removable back door allows for an easy access to the cooking compartment.

> Effective insulation keeps the food warm inside, and the outside surfaces cold.


Cork is the bark of the cork oak. It is a 100% natural plant tissue with attributes that no technology has yet managed to emulate, match or exceed (read more

It is extracted without harming the tree nor the Environment and is fully recyclable and among its outstanding properties, the following are very suitable for our solar cookers:

       Excellent thermal insulator (absorbs and retains heat)

       Lightweight (50% of its volume is air)

       Impermeable to liquids and gases

       Elastic and compressible (it adapts to pressure and temperature, and regains its shape even after significant deformations)

       Slow burning (it’s a fire retardant and doesn’t emit toxic gases)

       Anti-static and anti-allergic (prevents the appearance of parasites and bacteria)

In addition, cork and its agglomerates have a very significant environmental impact:

       Trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere while growing their bark so our products not only avoid the emission of this gas but they result from CO2 sequestration.

      Consumption of cork contributes to the economy of the “Montado” a unique Mediterranean bio system and one of the 35 global biodiversity sanctuaries (read more here).


    > Pot 20cm diam.
    > Roasting pan 30x28cm
    > Instructions manual in one of the following languages:
    • English;
    • French;
    • Spanish;
    • Portuguese;
    • Japanese.
    > Recipes booklet available for download in:
    • English;
    • Portuguese;