Pleasing everybody, wherever the Sun shines.

In tough times and relaxed ones

From mountaineers like João Garcia, (see on Wikipedia)
who climbed  the 14 peaks with more than 8000m without
the use of oxygen 
(pictured using his Sun Cook
on the Himalayas)
, to regular beach goers.

Professionals and amateurs

From the prestigious chef at a 5-star resort near Lisbon,
getting the most flavor out of each ingredient, to amateur
gourmets, passing by exquisite beach restaurants, all are
conquered by the taste and succulence of "solar food".


In off grid homes or in deprived regions

From off grid or remote homes in developed
countries to populations facing energy shortages
due to desertification or forced migrations.


Daily or on special occasions

From everyday users enjoying a pleasant and
economical meals to outdoor activities where the
Sun Cook acts like a magnet attracting people to the
delicious and environmentally friendly outcome.


From retirees to children

From retirees longing for healthier food to children
enjoying looking at cakes growing while their parents
can relax due to the SUN COOK's intrinsic safety.


BBQ'euing or cooking an entire meal

You might complement your barbecue with solar cooked 
 bread, potatoes, rice or even a dessert. Or you
can cook an entire meal at once, dessert included,
because flavors and smells don't get mixed
(beans and apple pies pictured right).

Scouts and workers

From scouts and other environmentally friendly cookers to
workers in remote locations or military personnel in remote outposts.

Campers and fishermen

From campers relaxing in their RV's to sailors and enthusiastic
fishermen wishing to immediately enjoy the result of their fishery.


And so many more...