Cooking on the way.


    Ultra -portable and autonomous

The SUNGOOD is a panel cooker that unfolds in a minute taking the shape of a solar cooker ready for your creations. Light and portable, this foldaway cooker is ideal for rambling, camping or beach use. You can reheat your recipes and cook simple dishes like eggs, vegetables, sausages, meat or fish wherever the Sun shines.


The SUNGOOD solar oven works with solar energy.  The Sun's rays are focused into the container making the temperature rise and heating your food. The gradual heating allows for unsupervised slow cooking. 


- Temperature: 120°C max.

- Ultra-portable: foldable into a shoulder bag

- Capacity: food for 3 persons

- Pre-heating: recommended 15-20min.


- Materials: aluminum, polyethylene

- Dimensions folded: 34 x 26 x 4 cm

- Gross weight: 1,5 kg - Net weight: 1,1 kg

- Cleaning: damp cloth - Warranty: 1 year


    Getting started with solar cooking

Designed for children, the Sunlab allows you to discover solar cooking with an educational and gourmet experience. After building the oven using the 3C rule (concentration-captation-conservation), the small solar chefs make many creative recipes. Fruit skewers with melted chocolate, vegetable spreads with cheese, dishes to reheat (…). Easy to use, fun & reusable, the Sunlab can be taken anywhere.

The mini laboratory for young solar chefs who innovate. An experience of soft solar cooking from 40 to 80°C, in 3 educational steps:

– Manufacturing a solar oven.

– Discovering solar energy.

– Cooks and invents gourmet and creative recipes

Sunlab can reach temperatures between 40 and 80°C for gentle and safe cooking. Compact, durable and lightweight (300 gr), it can be carried everywhere and can be used to heat a large number of dishes.


- 9 S.Reflect mirrors - 1 thermometer (°C & °F) 

- 1 ramekin and 1 silicone spoon mold - 2 wooden chopsticks

- 1 educational user manual