It's a true gift from nature

Set it and forget it

Our oven is designed to be set and forgotten, allowing you to focus on your most agreeable needs while the Suntaste takes care of the most primary one. The oven is autonomous and never burns your food. With no need to attend it, no fuel, no ashes, no smoke, no stirring, and no scorching, it's the perfect cooking solution.

So tasty

Slow cooking taking up to twice as long as traditional cooking methods results in tastier, juicier, and more nutritious food. The results are more than twice as good compared to conventional ovens.

So durable

Our sleek design, simple features, and first-class materials sourced from world-class manufacturers, all contribute to a long and trouble-free life.

Sun and done

All year round...

Thanks to advanced optics and effective insulation, you can cook with negative temperatures all year round, without the need for refocusing. All you need is a clear sky.

One product. Many users.