Leisure use

Why use the Suntaste?

Because it's good. Plain good.

> Delicious food

The Suntaste solar oven offers an unparalleled cooking experience that guarantees the best flavor and texture with every use. With the ability to cook almost any dish, excluding fried meals, the Suntaste can reach temperatures up to 200C/400F without ever burning the food, even when left unattended for long periods of time. Unlike many other solar cookers, the Suntaste rarely needs repositioning towards the sun, making it incredibly convenient to use.

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This innovative cooking method goes beyond mere convenience - it breaks down complex carbohydrates in food, resulting in enhanced flavors, tenderer, and juicier dishes. Slow cooking is key to creating delicious meals, and the Sun Cook, our first model, has been highly valued in various settings - from refugee camps where it made the smoothest manioc purees to upscale beach-front restaurants where trendy chefs prepared exquisite gourmet dishes.

One highly satisfied customer even raved about her "solar vegetables," describing them as "absolutely gorgeous" with "so much texture." The Suntaste solar oven is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to add a new dimension of flavor and texture to their meals while using an eco-friendly and convenient cooking method.

> More freetime

Example :    roasting beef    -    Suntaste    vs.    traditional oven

> Versatility


a stove,

an oven,

a dehydrator,

a thermal cooker.

It can even make yoghurt.

Baking, roasting, sautéing, braising, pot roasting, grilling…

All. Except frying.

> User-friendly and convenient

Better than traditional cooking:

Better than other solar cookers:

 > Environmentally friendly

No burning of fossil fuels means:

Better than firewood cooking:

> Economical 

> Safe

When compared to traditional cooking:

  When compared with other solar cookers: